Schedio SA is a Swiss based company specialized on design and supply of jet-mills / micronizers (both spiral and opposite type) and isolators / glove-boxes for containment or aseptic use. Schedio offers glove-boxes / isolators for jet-mills, loading and unloading, dispensing and kilolabs.

With over 10 year of expertise, Schedio adapts to the particular needs of its customers and provides fully customized solutions: every aspect of the machine, from design to software and certification, is tailored to your specifications.

Schedio combines a passion for developing creative solutions and high-quality applications for the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industries in order to design and build machines that meet high standards.

Schedio’s areas of focus:

  • Creation of solutions for managing high-potency APIs (HPAPIs). One of the most recent products, the standard SCHAPI, was created for the loading, sampling and handling of HPAPIs under absolute safety settings.
  • Research, design and manufacture of isolators for aseptic applications in accordance with current GMP rules and cutting-edge technology.
  • Development, production and testing of the most cutting-edge particle size reduction technologies for the use in health, pharmaceuticals, energy and other high-tech fields.
  • Creation of PLC control systems that meet the criteria of 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 5.
  • Design of inventive solutions for existing systems to meet enhanced containment rules (OEB level) and improvement of plant performance.