Glass-lined Reactors

Technical glass – or glass lining – made by THALETEC unites the ideal surface properties of high-quality silicate glass and robustness of steel. Six or more layers (1-2 mm thickness) of technical glass will be sprayed and fused under heat on any type of equipment, including reactor surface, storage tanks, receivers, agitators, heat exchangers, columns, etc. Thus, your equipment will have the benefits of glass (resistance to abrasion, corrosion and thermal shock) without some of its limitations (volume limitations, less effective heat transfer).
Thaletec’s glass-linings include innovative solutions like ABRISIST (enhanced resistance to abrasion and corrosion) and CONDUSIST (100% metal-free, no catalytic action). Furthermore, all type of glass-lined equipment from Thaletec, Pfaudler and De Dietrich can be reglassed if the glass-lining is worn, damaged or corroded.