Pipette controllers - PIPETBOY

Integra Biosciences AG

Compatibility: Glass and plastic pipettes (1 to 100 ml)
Maximum pipetting speed: 13.5 ml/s (with 50 ml pipette)
Weight: 195 g
Rechargeable battery

INTEGRA's pipette controllers are equipped with the latest technology providing an increased pipetting speed and a significant weight reduction of the instrument.

All PIPETBOY pipette controllers have been designed to handle liquids with any type of glass and plastic serological pipettes. They benefit from a unique valve and dosing system, which offers an unmatched control of pipetting speeds from drop by drop or gravity dispense to fast liquid displacement. The speed is easily regulated with the tips of your fingers, providing you with a sensitive control of the liquid level in the pipette. The PIPETBOY pipette controllers are designed for comfortable and effortless pipetting even during long-lasting sessions.

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