Multichannel reagent reservoirs - SureFlo

Integra Biosciences AG

Sterile reservoirs
Volume: 10, 25, and 100 ml
For 8, 12 and 16 channel pipettes

INTEGRA reservoirs are made of crystal clear polystyrene or polypropylene for improved chemical compatibility. They fit into a reusable base with bold, clearly visible graduation markings. The unique design leads to more accurate reagent measurements, no over pouring, and less waste. Moreover, these multichannel pipette reservoirs can easily be stacked together which reduces inventory space requirements.

Also, divided reagent reservoirs are available. The 25 ml divided reservoirs offer the lowest dead volumes for multichannel pipetting, with 5 and 10 ml compartments, to allow you to work with smaller reagent volumes. INTEGRA’s unique SureFlo array prevents liquid pooling and spreads reagents evenly across the base of the reservoir, allowing tips to sit on the bottom without aspirating air. This further reduces dead volumes, saves you money on reagents and retains more precious samples!

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