Automation-friendly reagent reservoirs

Integra Biosciences AG

Range: 96 well and 384 well reagent reservoirs
Volume: 150 ml and 300 ml

INTEGRA reagent reservoirs allow for maximum liquid recovery when working with VIAFLO 96, VIAFLO 384 and other multichannel pipetting systems. They are also economically and environmentally friendly because users can reuse the reservoir base and dispose of the reservoir inserts. The microplate format makes them ideal for all automated liquid handling systems using the clearly defined footprint of the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS).

Two types of automation friendly reagent reservoirs are available:
150 ml and 300 ml Clear Advantage reagent reservoirs which are made of both crystal clear virgin polystyrene and polypropylene. Both options fit into a reusable automation friendly base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings.

The 300 ml open well, 12 column and 8 row polypropylene reservoir blocks offer improved chemical compatibility.

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