Vacuum Pump V-100

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

Final vacuum: 10 mbar 
Vacuum capacity: 1.5 m3/h 
Noise level: 40 - 52 dB
The Vacuum Pump V-100 is a chemical-resistant and economical vacuum source with a space-saving design. It covers the essential needs of membrane vacuum generation. 

The Vacuum Pump by Büchi Labortechnik AG is a great choice of lab equipment as it is an effective vacuum source especially when budgets are limited. The small footprint of the V-100 saves valuable laboratory space and is used for a variety of applications incl. Evaporation, Drying and concentration, and Suction straining and filtration. 

The lightweight and compact design with an integrated carrying handle ensures a high level of convenience for the lab user. Additionally, the Vacuum Pump V-100 guarantees accurate vacuum regulation thanks to the optional interface system configuration as well as high uptime due to low maintenance. 

The quality materials involved in the manufacturing of the V-100 contribute to the reliability of the lab product. It is characterized by a robust and stable design and an integrated ECO2 mode. 

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